Private Sushi Parties & Catering.

Where the food is art...

Phat Sushi
will come to your home and provide you and your guests a once in a lifetime Sushi experience. 2 hours of high quality Sushi, artistically created in front of you in your own kitchen by our award winning chef, Sivaman Udomdej.

Ideally for parties of 8-10 guests, cost is approximately $500 in Los Angeles County. Also available for larger parties and parties out of the area.

Starting with appetizers such as Toro Tataki w/Garlic Ponzu sauce and Tempura Stuffed Mushrooms. Next up is the Nigiri and Sashimi from high quality fish, professionaly prepared and filleted. Following that with Rolls and Hand Rolls like the Spider Roll and Special Cucumber Roll. Although you can pick a few favs from our list of rolls, we suggest Omakase (chef's choice) with our Master Sushi Chef Sivaman Udomdej.

The menu from our New Year's Ever party - Sashimi Salad w/wasabi dressing, Mixed Tempura w/green tea sea salt dip, Seaweed Salad, Stuffed Jalapeno deep fried w/Eel sauce. Mixed Sashimi and Mixed Nigiri. Rainbow Roll, Spicy Yellowtail Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Special Cucumber Roll, Volcano Roll, Crunchy Roll w/seaweed powder, Albacore Ultimate Roll, Spicy Salmon w/avocado, Spicy Lobster Roll, Lobster Roll.

Fish is subject to season

Party time with Sivaman & Nik 2/10/07
"Best sushi I ever had!" -3 long time sushi eating guests. 2/24/07

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